Saturday, December 27, 2008

Damn . Damn . Damn .

He's an IDIOT !!!

hha . funny ne . recently me got new crush . his name ? no need to mention it here .
hhe . i like him . he's nice . like evryday we contacting each other . but bfore we're going to a quite serious relationship , i asked him if he has sumone special in his life ?
he admit he had . so i make my decision to walk away from his life . but , then i'm thinking again and again . why must i expect too much from him ? hha . :DD i still can be a good friend with him . aite ? so , we keep texting each other . till one day he said he got problems wit her .
he told me , they got nothing going on anymore . so i trusted him . till one phase , our relationship getting growing . hha . or only me feel that huh ? i suprised to see his profile on FS . so so obvious . there's a pic of this one girl which i think that must be her . hha . for sure , i feel quite dissapointed . but it's ok . i can handle it . i'm not that very down to him aite ?
so , i'm fine . let him be together with the love of his life . i absolutely understand that feeling .
whatever it is , i'm just going to continue my life like usual and for sure , i don't need a man in my life . btw , i got a very big examination next year , so i got to put my 100% concentration on it . no time for other things . hhe . well , i think this post is quite long already . i'm afraid later there's no one will read this . hha . just because it's too long . so , gotta go . see you all on the next post .
take care . bubbhye ! ~

I Love My Life ! ! !

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