Saturday, December 12, 2009


Salam semua :))

yehaaaa ! guess what ? i got something to share with you all . yes , as you all can read up there , i have made some changes into myself . technically . haha . its my outer side , not my insider side :)) i's still the same kily girl you all know bha . hehe . it just , i have made some changes to my hair . well , since i've finished with my high school , then my parents allowed me to color my hair ! yipppee ! finally bha . i done this just for fun bha . mintapuji sikit juga lh . and the result is i think okay lh . idk what you guys will think about it . wheather it is cool or not , i guess it just okay okay lh with me . ekek . well , just look at the result ! :))

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