Sunday, December 6, 2009

Why him ? :((

Salam all ;((

Hmm . Well , i'm quite down tonight :(( So many things going on now . So many things to think about . I don't ask fr all this to happend . Idk why all this happend . Idk where did i wrong ? What did i messed ? IDK ! Gosh , why can't just like a second for them to like him ? This is too much for me . Idk how to make them to like him , to make them accept him to be part of their life . :(( bcause fr sure , he's part of me already .
Oh Tuhan , kenapa kah ?
My parents don't like my boyfriend .
Yeah , that's the situation . Hmm . What should i do to make them like him ? I'm clueless . Already told si Bongol about this . He said , " nevermind sygs , it sure will take time fr them to believe in me . I understand juga . " Hmm , i'm glad that i met someone who can undrstnd me . Thanks Allah . Eu gave me such a wonderful human being to be part of my life . I love him . Believe me , i won't let our love go . Maybe some people will assume our love is nothing . Cinta monyet kunun ! Nono , you are wrong my dear . I won't give in for nothing . So , anything happend pun , i will stay with him . He's the only one for me . I know , we both will manage to fix our probs together . Everything we do , we do it together .

Thanks Zulfadhli for completing my life :))
Iloveyoubongol !


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