Sunday, January 17, 2010

high waist skirt .

Salam semua :))

Well , okay recently got this trend style that caught my eyes . and yes , that's a high waist skirt . i think this style is very sweet . for those who didn't like to show their legs to public like me , still can spice it up with leggings or even spandex ! i let you people evaluate by yourself . here's some pics of it :))

ohyea , btw , tomorrow i got this driving briefing things . yeah , the most boring that . argh ! can i just skip it ? malas mao p bha ! but nevermind lah , kalau berhajat mao cepat dapat lesen , harus berkorban lah sher !

okay , gtg ! i need to get up early tomorrow . early as 7am ! argh .
toodles you lovelies ! take care .


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