Saturday, January 9, 2010

i'm getting out of my mind .

Salam semua ;))

How are you all sweets ? i miss you all ! hm , okay . just going to tell you all my recent updates . yeah , i kinda exited for next week . wanna know what ? haha . my dad finally promised to me that he'll sign me up to a driving class and also language class . you don't have the idea how much i'm craving for that both classes ! i need them you know , to get rid of my boredom at this fucking house ! you don't know how the boringness will be when you are on my place . so , for the schoolers , thank to God that you all still have school to attend . not like me , wait until March with nothing to do ? Fuck , that is so fucking useless ! i have to do something ! i don't want to waste any of my time ! no way man ! i need to move !

In that case , i was thinking about moving out from this house . yep , seriously ! i have to move out . if not , i'm going to stuck here forever . be the most dumbest person ever . haha . I HAVE TO MOVE FORWARD ! na'ah , no turning back ! so , any updates , i'll let you guys catch it .

Take care you sweet readers ! Love you all ;))


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