Friday, January 15, 2010

the real one .

Salam semua :))

Hello dear sweets readers ! aww , miss you all bha ! hehe . i know , maybe there aren't a lot of peoples pun yang read my blog nie kan . so , that's good lah . because i don't like my blog to be overrated or whatever it is . haha . because , i know , my story nie nda lah bha juga siok betul kan ? saja saja ja bha . kasi isi isi masa yang banyak terbuang di rumah nie . so up dari you guys ja mao baca atau nda . saya okay seja bha nie . hehe . to all yang sudi membaca tu , Thanks A Lot ah loves ! Iloveyouguys bha ! xx

okay okay , enough crapping , get into this serious life . ceh , macam banar saja . hehe . so tadi pagi my mum and i go to this office class memandu , then i already registered my name there lah . so this Sunday i got this ceramah for 5hrs ! argh ! idk lah apa mao buat di sana . Many people told me , boring gila ! hm , so kena lah ready ready gadget yang perlu seperti earphone ! haha . paling penting tu sekk . kalau nda , narh dibelenggu keboringan lah for 5hrs ! gila , nda kali ! hehe .

okay , enough talking about that car thingy . so my life so far is quite good . actually , malas bha mao talk about Love life through online nie . nowadays , i'd prefer to keep them private . yeah a
lots of hell things happened . just on this Jan , fuh ! A LOTS ! idk what's coming for Feb . what i know is , i just keep on moving and try my best to put away any bad feelings or thinking . they said , negative thinking will eat yourself though . whatever . sometimes , i agree with those words , but in another way of times , nope . i do not believe it . ugh . yes , weather changed , trends changed , so do people . in fact , people can change faster than weather do ! hm , so do me . fuck to those people who claimed that they didn't change . seriously , you are a liar bitch ! okay , i'm not trying to judge anyone here . it just a fact right , that people do change . see , i'm losing my points here . haha . crapping , crapping again . just ignore what i'm saying just now . it's nothing . it just my silly emotion . ugh ! i need a counselor please ? i just need someone to talk to . everybody seems to be busy with their own life . well , you know , you can't always get what you want dear . right ? so , i'm fine :))

Thanks for reading another craps for today loves !

p/s : don't ever put 100% trust on your BF , seriously !


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