Saturday, May 29, 2010


Salam guys!

So what's up? Haihh punya la aku kerinduan sama someone skrg! Ehem, fhm2 la yerr sepa. Heh! So yeah he's currently in Brunei now. So can't text, can't call! Argh how sad is that? But nevermind, sabar jala kan? Heh.

Um apa lg mau dcerita nie? Ohya! Finally, I passed my JPJ test on last Thursday! Heh confirm la happy gileee! Now I'm just gonna wait til lesen P aku siap then apa lg? Bedaurrrr la! Hah. Jk! Nda la bha juga kan. Pndai2 la balance.

Nextweek on Wednesday I have to go to Unitar again, yeah since I'm one of Unitarian's already. Pfft! Got some briefing there & we're asked to wear those Unitar shirt. I know righttt! Ugh but I guess it's okay la. Have to be there around 7.30am - 5.00pm! Whatdefakk? Hm sabar jala. Sesungguhnya sabar itu separuh daripada iman. Aiseseh, melarat!

Okay lah, rasanya itu jala kan? Ngehh. Update later babes! Thanks for reading another crap from me. Blehh *toodles

Muahs xx

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