Thursday, May 6, 2010

What a 'weak' week!


Hey dolls, what's up? Wanna know what? I've been suffering my fever since last Sunday. Ugh yeah I know, I hate it! GRR. It really limits me from doing anything & everything! Hmm I did took my med. Nevermind lah, maybe juga ujian dari Allah kan? Lalui dengan sabar jalah Sher =)

Hmm, so I've been through my days with smile lately. Yeah, for what I need to keep myself bubbled up with negative thoughts right? Let's just move on & be a lot more positive =) I'm actually fine! Oh, between me & him? We're fine. I mean as friend. It's actually devastating at first to know & realize that nothing's really going on between us already, but it's okay. I know there'll be something behind all this. Neither good or bad, just let God's decide it. Like they says, everything happens for a reasons right? So maybe, just let the time flow. If we're meant to be, we'll find a way to get ourself together again. But for now, maybe it's a good time for us just to stay single & just enjoy being single. I know, it's a bit lonely when you didn't have your other half to share your feeling, thoughts & everything. But you know sometimes when you had been hurt a gazzilion times already, it's just okay & fine to take some time off & take a break. I know, it's not that easy & I've been in this kinda situation before. Trust me, it's fucking torturing! But I believe that every people have their own opinion about this & just do what's good for yourself. Don't bother what other people may say about your options & decisions because they don't understand & know you like you did to yourself. They didn't identically feel what you really feel deep down inside. Follow your heart, trust your intuition & give your instinct a chance. Who knows maybe it's just the right moment to give it another shot. Believe in love, it does exist but it's just a matter of time to show you the real one is. Just remember to avoid hatred feelings inside you. Keep that positive thoughts inside you every second, minute, hour, or everyday! And not to forget, do pray. Pray to thanks God & blessed by the wonderful life God had given you.

Thanks for reading.

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