Friday, June 4, 2010


Salam guys!

Hello! So today I managed to settle up everything. I mean, I already open an account in Bank Islam & bought the PTPTN pin in BSN just now. Blehh, finally! So nothing to worry anymore. Met few friends from Unirazak there. Then by 11am something when I'm done with everything, I asked Papa to drop me at CP. & hell yes, I'm all alone there! Tapi guess what? I found that walking alone in a shopping mall is actually fun! Seriously! You know, you just by yourself. Heh best nie bah. Lepas nie aku akan lakukannya dengan lebih kerap! Aiseh. Then met Bibi kejap. Lunch with him & blablabla. It's our first met since the last 2 months. You tell me! Tapi kamu fikir jala, kering juga aku tunggu dia dari jam11 tu sampai dia habis solat Jumaat jam130! Tula tu yang terr-jalan sendiri2 tu! Takpe takpe. Heh then by 330pm, asked Papa to fetch me. Then home la. Here I am now, updating things.

Di Bank Islam nie, time tunggu giliran. Main kau, nasib dapat tempat duduk! Heh

Nah begitulah keadaanku sewaktu masih keseorangan. Haha layan jalaaa.

Okay so rasanya tu jala untuk hari nie. Plan for tomorrow? Agaknya tidur jala seharian d rumah! Haha penat gileee doh! Thanks for reading guys! Love you all!

Muahs xx

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