Saturday, June 12, 2010

I miss you!

Hey mister,
I miss you!
Yes, you!
You over there!
I'm here missing you like only God knows how!
Yes, you bah.
Can you hear me or just read this?
Can I just hug then kiss then hug then kiss you again & again?
Or can I munch then bite then merge you back & then munch & bite you all over again?
Can I can I?
I know this may sound sick, but who effing care right?
I miss cuddling with you.
To laid my fingers on yours.
Screw kissing on lips!
I miss you kissing my forehead.
Yet for me, that's the most sweetest thing you've ever done to me.
& for all the above dear,
despite the bitterness we've been through together,
I still am, will & always love you, Zulfadhli!
for better or for worse!
Insya-Allah, Amin!

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